Charaka Ayurvedic, Arackal Vaidya Madom

Adimali, Chattupara, Adimali, Idukki, Kerala, India, 685561

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At a Glance : Located in Adimali, Chattupara, Specilised in: UAN Govt of India Undertaking, Modern & Traditional Treatment for Indian Panchakarma, Any Type of deceses Treatment for Kalari Massage, Kacha Thirummu, Disc Dieses, Arthrities, Sholder, Nick Pain, Back Pain, Servical Spondulities, Polaps, Tennise Elbow, Body Relaxation, Special Treatment & Massage Kizhi, Thalakizhi, Faseals, any Type of Facials, Body Groth & Body Loose Programes, Bridal Packages, Special Package Treatment Available, Home Stay, Hotels, Home Based Treatment Available, Traditional Treatment Consultant: Vaidyan Sabu Arackal, Dr.S.N Shonay, Ph; 9747327661

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