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Located in Ponmudi, Idukki district, Specialized in: Edavarembil Gold - Improved Nutmeg Variety: Thomas has developed a nutmeg Variety Edavarembil Gold famous for good quality nuts. The variety produces more fruits per plant (200kg/annum in 10 -years old plant) with good shelf life(5 days) of raw fruits. It is also suitable for the cultivation in shady areas like in cardamom estates. The variety produces high quality bold nuts and dark red mace; nut contains higher essential oil content (13 - 15%). The biochemical profiling and quality analysis report showed that the variety has superior quality nuts with highest oil (13.3%) total phenol (20.7 mg GAE/g)and Alpha -limonene (9.84%) content as compared to all the checks. The variety is being cultivated in about two acres of land in idukki district, Awards: "State organic Farming Award, District Karshakamithra Award, Akshaya sree, Jaiwa sree Award"

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Edavarembil Gold Nutmeg National Innovation Award Winner

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