S.N. Homeo Clinic

Kunjithanni, Kunjithanny, Idukki, Kerala, India, 685565

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Located in Kunjithanni, Specilised in: Pressure, Cholestrol, Diabeties, Alergy, Asthma, Psoriasis, Skin Problems, Pils, Rheumtic Complints, Problems due to Climate Changes, Ladies & Childrens Problems, Thyroid Problems(Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid) , Kidney Stone, Fever , Preventive for Viral Fevers (Chickenpox, Dengue, Chicken Guniya) Tonsilitis, Vomiting during Travelling, 

AllPreventive for Corona Viruse and Treatment for Post COVID Compliants

etc..., Rtd Chief Medical Officer

Dt : 2017-07-18


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Dr. A.V. Shilaja,BHMS, Rtd, Chief Medical Officer

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